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Por Silvia Eugenia Ruiz Bachiller ver  (c) abajo

Explicaciones científicas de la NASA sobre la posibilidad de que en un mes en que haya dos veces luna llena, la segunda se vea azul.  También mencionan el álbum de Elvis Presley: “Blue Moon” y entre las explicaciones de que esto pudiera suceder, están las erupciones volcánicas y los incendios forestales.

Aunque ya no esté la luna llena, vale la pena ver el video en You Tube

Puedes ver el artículo completo en el portal de la NASA en:

Aquí comparto una historia (en inglés) con su respectiva foto, tomada de: 

Have you ever seen a blue-colored moon? Share your story.

from Tom King of Watauga, Texas: “I had never paid any real attention to the term ‘Blue Moon’ until a recent October evening. I had my telescope set up in the backyard in Watauga, Texas, and I was about to take it inside due to deteriorating viewing conditions. Before I did, the moon began rising in the east with a strange blue tint I had not seen before. I used my SACIVb CCD camera attached to a 5” Newtonian telescope to capture this image (October 13, 2003, 12:32 AM local time). The temperature was falling and the air was damp and heavy with moisture.”

“On a similar night a little more than two weeks later, October 30th, I again caught the ‘Blue Moon’ with my camera, this time with even more vivid coloring:

“The moon was quite striking on these two October evenings. The lack of dynamic range in the camera failed to capture the strength and true blue tint that I witnessed with my eyes. Our eyes are indeed some of the best cameras ever made! Here is one last picture from January 10, 2004, provided as a sanity check to assure you that my moon shots do not always have this blue hue.”